Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Who, What, Where, When and Why are we?
Questions raised by every generation,
With psychological and violent wars waged eternally
Causing societal devestation,
By folk that feel the need
While blessed with some deluded insight,
To force the views of THEIR creed
As though it is a God given right,
Self-appointed masters
Narcissism the core of their nature,
The source of manmade disasters
The epitome of Danger,
For these are questions
To ponder personally,
Sure be open to suggestions
But don’t indoctrinate forcefully,
Acceptance that all our personal experiences
Have created 7 billion unique world views,
Acceptance that there is more to life than physical appearances
And that people should be free to choose,
Free to choose what they hold within their being
While journeying through life,
In tune with ones own personal feelings
Without a desire to cause strife,
Aware that some of your tune
May not be to everybodys tastes ,
By not behaving like a loon
And screamin into peoples faces.

A Bailiff Confesses

Alright, my name is bruiser in case you haven’t heard
And what I gotta say might sound a bit absurd,
But the less who believe it the better for me,
For you see I’m a bailiff in the debt collection industry
We are the footsoldiers of the corprotist banking elite,
Given license by suits to bring terror to the streets.
For many a year we have brought fear into peoples lives,
Mainly those struggling to tread water as they journey through life
I remember clearly how it all begun,
I had little dick syndrome from when I was young,
So to compensate I bullied kids that were smaller than me,
To feed my deep rooted need to have a sense of superiority
So when it came around to picking a career,
It was natural to go for one that that allows to instil fear,
Single mums, the vulnerable and the old,
All easy gullible target for us people that are cold
We demand the money that controls your lives,
While you hand over your goods, thank fuck for us you don’t think twice,
For if you did you might have an almighty revelation,
That the truth is you don’t have to fear us or our intimidation
For many believe we work for the courts of the nation,
When the vast majority of us work for private corporations,
Using this grey area to prey on their confusion,
If only they knew the power we had was merely an illusion
Banging threateningly on peoples doors,
Convincing them we got paperwork signed by the courts,
They glance the paperwork unquestioningly,
Before finally succumbing to my blag authority
For the paperwork has never even been near a court,
It was created back at the office a girl in administration support,
It actually carries fuck all in lawful and legal weight,
But oops you already gave me your signature… too little too late……….

Human Beings Of Gaza

Human Beings of Gaza, I apologize to you,
On behalf of those in the rest of the world, for the things we didn’t do,
We didn’t stop the Israeli tyrants, so your fate could be prevented,
We watched them steal you land, humanity and freedom, by our silence we consented,
We have been unable to stop the doom you are unable to escape,
While your children are brutally murdered and your dignity is raped,
Most of the world is lazy and apathetic, while others to afraid,
To think about your struggle, you are right to feel betrayed,
Most are busy with their gadgets, to be concerned or care,
To try to ease the burden of the chains that the tyrants make you wear,
We could have been good humans when the cold bloody thirsty Israelis got in your fold
But we watched your flame of life die instead, and left you cold,
I’m sorry our species is timid, the selfish ‘civilized’ generation
For we left you to suffer all alone, a helpless isolated nation,
I’m sorry for our actions, like cowards we behaved,
We could of fought harder for your freedom, but instead you are enslaved,
Human beings of Palestine, descendants of an ancient land,
I’m sorry we allowed this, the fate you now withstand


When a new morning dawns,
Dare to smile appreciatively,
For most take it for granted,
Because it happens naturally,

When there is darkness,
Dare to be the first to shine a light,
For maybe that is all that is needed,
To bring an end to the night,

When there is injustice,
Dare to be the first to speak for those wronged,
For your righteous indignation,
May prevent further injustices from carrying on,

When something seems it might be too tough,
Dare to do it anyway,
For even if you fail,
The experience itself could bring value to your day,

When life seems to knock you down,
Then dare to fight back,
By taking it by the scruff of the neck,
To get yourself on track,

When  there seem to be no hope,
Then dare to find some,
But make sure that hope is realistic,
Or to it your life will succumb,

When you feel tired,
Then dare to keep on going,
For only a couple of steps more maybe needed,
To get you positively glowing,

When times are tough,
Then dare to be tougher,
For the alternative is to sink,
And you may start to suffer,

When love hurts you,
Then dare to love again,
The present is not the past,
And new love maybe all it takes to wash away your pain,

When someone is hurting,
Then dare to help them with some healing,
By giving them a shoulder to lean on,
And help them with their feelings,

When another is lost,
Then dare to help them find their way,
A gentle nudge,
Maybe all it takes to being some direction to their day,

When a friend falls,
Then dare to be the first to offer a helping hand,
You maybe the only person with the ability,
To help them up and stand,

When you cross paths with another,
Then dare to make them smile,
It might be something they not had much reason for,
Or may have even been a while,

When you feel great,
Then dare to help others feel great too,
Positiveness is viral,
And can spread faster than the flu,

When the day has ended,
Dare to feel as you’ve done your best,
Closing your eyes with a satisfied smile,
As you lay your head to rest.

Dare to be the best you can at all times, dare to be.


I am not a hippie,
Nor a nutter,
Not an extremist,
Nor a head butter,
I am not a freak for loving nature,
I would just like this for world,
To love for all it caters,
No hating,
No wars,
No propaganda,
No lies,
No manipulation,
No agenda,
One world,
One planet,
We all live here,
The rules that are there,
Make us all full of fear,
Imagine if you would,
For just a second,
That there was no need to fight one another,
No trouble beckons,
Now do you wonder where that trouble comes from?
Think about it,
And how long it has gone on,
If we bleed the same blood and cry the same tears,
We share the same joys,
And the same fears,
If we love our children,
No matter what our religions,
We want the best for each other,
Trying to make the best decisions,
We are human beings at our core,
Nothing else to say,
There is no more,
Beautiful people,
Fashioned by our society,
Are we really civilised?
What is our priority?
We go to work 9-5,
To EARN our inherent right to survive,
But is not surviving a right anyway?
Why do we have to live this way?
Is this indoctrination,
From the higher classes,
Passed down to the lower,
Unworthy classes?
Generations have lived this way,
We pass it on to our children every day,
Unless something changes,
And by that i mean us,
Our kids will live our lives,
But even more so than us,
It is said hindsight is important,
Foresight is better,
Do you want your kids to live your lives to the tee, right to the letter?

Souls Journey, Spiritual Awakening AND the real law of attraction……

arcana tree of life

When a soul first incarnates on this earthly plane,
It is in material AND spiritual darkness, but still feeling and sensing… vibrations of love and pain,
Absorbing these waves like a sponge trying to hold on to water,
But with an infinite capacity regardless of whether it’s incarnated into a son or a daughter.
With the help of the 5 senses the soul first identifies the environment in which itself can be found,
Along with some nurture, care and guidance from other souls that seem to be constantly around,
This will be parents, siblings and quite often extended family too,
As well as family friends having a myriad of long term influences on any soul that is new.
Learning the customs of the souls of the environment that have already been around a while,
Having priorities and care programmed while the plethora of life experiences start to compile,
Until a time comes where the programming and experiences start to conflict,
And the soul starts to have a self-realization that it may have been tricked.
Tricked into believing physical world of matter and trinkets is the epitome of what life is all about,
When truth is ALL the material possessions having nothing on experiences that are profound,
They cannot be bought and they most certainly cannot be sold,
They cannot even be stolen or taken away, they are yours for as long as you wish to hold.
But what defines the good or bad of the soul is dependent on the environment at the start,
Was it one of greed, lies and control or did it have love, truth and care resonating at its heart?,
For when the soul first realizes that the physical world is not all there is,
It means it has identified with the spiritual, but living and been living in a spiritual darkness.
That the internal world of thoughts, feeling and emotions quite often referred to as the self,
Have an equally valid basis and influence in reality just as much as everything and everyone else,
But if upon this realization the soul continues to live in spiritual denial,
It will remain in a perpetual materialistic suffering cycle.
However should this realization prompt the soul to seek out something spiritually higher,
Then it needs to be ignited by an internal desire,
An internal desire to seek out deep understandings and a greater spiritual awareness,
Along with courage to step away from the habits that has kept it in spiritual darkness.
But while the spiritual path is full of wonder and awe and a seemingly quick way out of life’s material monotonies,
It would be a folly and foolish to use it to escape, ignore or disregard any of life’s material obligations and responsibilities,
A very alluring path for those who become conscious and ashamed of materialisms destructive effects,
With those of a righteous conscience developing feelings of guilt and pain along with materialistic regrets.
At this point it is understandable why so many scream at the physical world ‘I don’t want anything to do with you no more’…..,
And totally turn their back on it to pursue solely what lies behind their newly opened spiritual door,
With carrots such as Enlightenment, Ascension and Nirvana dangled as crowning glories of the spiritual path,
While gurus fill you with loads of profound sounding information and knowledge that they insist will help you attract.
Deceptively proclaiming the law of attraction is solely powered by what you think within your mind,
Praying on the naivety of those who have only just spiritually awakened and to an extent still spiritually blind,
Brainwashing them with notions that the material world is not real and a nothing to worry about illusion,
Another piece of trickery played out on a souls initial spiritual confusion.
And in those cases where these notions are willingly and unquestioningly absorbed,
Then a new soul is birthed that believes and feels its material responsibilities have now been absolved,
Having escaped a left brain materialistic imbalance the soul falls through a trapdoor,
Into its imbalanced right brain spiritual opposite that should be treated with just as much deplore.
The belief that the inner world, the self, the I and the me,
Is the sum of all the things that matter while the external world is perceived as not real and purely illusory,
Material gluttony has merely been replaced by a type of spiritual egotism,
Who then go round preaching things like ‘love & light’ oblivious to their own self righteous narcissism.
So what is a spiritual initiate to do with materialism and spirituality very much maligned?,
The trick is to realize it IS NOT confined to an either/or option and that they just need to be aligned,
That the desire to obtain greater spiritual awareness is bounded by natural law,
And spiritual darkness will remain perpetual if material reality is to be ignored.
So what is needed to achieve spiritual wholeness and self-realization?,
It requires BOTH the spiritual and physical to merge into a synchronized combination,
Courage and strength for example are ‘internal’ instinctive feminine qualities that can be defined as spiritual,
That can only be shown in the material world through action or the masculine ‘act’ of will.
Likewise the feminine ‘inner’ voice that consists of our thoughts, feelings and emotion,
Can have influence and effect in the external world via the masculine ‘act’ of words that can be spoken,
Knowledge alone is another trait that can be defined as an internal feminine quality,
That is distinguishable from wisdom regardless of the quantity.
For wisdom is a masculine trait that is merely knowledge that has been applied,
With self-mastery and spiritual wholeness achieved when these masculine and feminine qualities tempered by care are honestly and truthfully combined.

The Souls Journey (Tarot) Part 5 – The Lovers, The Hierophant and The Emperor

lover skaballah tarot


The Lovers

The LOVERS, at the heart chakra and located at centre of the tree of life,
Symbolised by Adam as the husband and Eve as his wife,
Once again showing the twin forces of male and female,
Which are brought together into a higher consciousness as depicted by the archangel,
Higher forces is what the angel represents,
Showing that is what love and TRUE CARE puts us into touch with and what it ultimately presents!

The Hierophant & The Emperor

The HIEROPHANT recognises the aspects we exercise within ourselves for self control or dominion,
Through acts of WILL bringing thoughts, emotions and actions into harmony and unison,
Our own thoughts emotions and actions are the only things that we control exclusively,
It is associated with the throat chakra and about how you use your voice energy,
To speak into creation, what you are putting out there,
Are you speaking truthful sound vibrations that you are putting into the air?
Holds a wand as it is about a form of control, but a form of control we do have the right to exercise,
It is taking control over the kingdom of self, which is essential for the fool to become wise.
The EMPEROR is also associated with the throat chakra as this is another dualistic level on the tree of life,
Represents influencing others, being an influence in the world and the truth in your advice,
Through what you know, what you care about, what you do in life and how you inspire and influence others,
Are you an example like a good king? Setting an example on how to live, while seeking the godess mother?
The globe symbolizing the earth representing that our actions go beyond us to influence the world,
Another crowned illuminate through whom truth and wisdom can be heard,
The Hierophants internal self control combined with the emperors external influence over others,
Dictates how we speak to ourselves to help ourselves and move forward or consciousness,
And how we speak to others to influence them in a capacity of truth with the words that we emit,
Attempting to leave the world in a much better place than the way we found it.

The Souls Journey (Tarot) Part 4 – Strength and The Chariot

strength and chariot

Coloured cards represent a dualistic emanation along the tree of life or a dualistic chakra,

With strength and the chariot cards as the solar plexus also known as the will centre,

The wheel of fortune is at the root chakra which connects us with the physical plane,

While the hermit is the sacrum chakra or the desire centre through which light we desire to obtain,

The Two yellow cards represent the dual nature of the will which is both an internal and external manifestation,

With the strength card representing courage, a quality which is an internal emanation,

The Courage to overcome all the fears that lie within,

Symbolized by the woman using her bare hand to tame a lion by holding its nose and its chin,

With an infinity symbol over her head meaning she is coronated as an illuminate,

One who DOES know thyself and conquering her fears which she literally obliterates,

The CHARIOT is the secondary aspect of the plane of will and the solar plexus chakra,

Representing the WILL to act in the world or put more simply external willpower,

The internal courage and the external willpower to get something done in the external world,

With BOTH qualities having to be activated if changes are to unfold,

That is why the chariot driver is using the feminine force of care and the masculine force of action,

Represented by the 2 sphinxes and the wand to ensure a balanced and compassionate direction,

He is also crowned showing that he is another illuminate,

Showing that this is one of the paths to illumination when acting in the proper moral way.

The Souls Journey (Tarot) – Part 3 – The Hermit

the hermit


The hermit is the initiate, who begins to leave the purely physical identified state of consciousness,
Realising that he has been dwelling in darkness and illusion he sets out on a journey of truth with his lamp of knowledge,
With the 6 point blazing star known as the seal of Solomon he sets about his affairs,
Representing the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres,
This is what the hermit seeks, he know he is in a state of spiritual darkness and wants light,
That’s why he wears darker robes, which are grey, not pure or not white,
A bit like Gandolf the grey wizard in the lord of the rings,
Who does battle with the Balrock symbolizing his internal demons,
Representing the darker aspects of the self, the internal demon of smoke and firey blizzards,
Which once Gandolf conquers he then re-emerges in the form of a white wizard.
The hermit realises he has a lot to learn, he is in darkness but wants to receive,
Associated with the desire centre and the sacrum chakra with endless possibilities to be achieved,
He is establishing a foundation through his desire for learning, experience and knowledge accumulation,
He is beginning to root himself in higher levels of awareness, the first step in the realm of formation.

The Souls Journey (Tarot) Part 2 – The Wheel Of Fortune – In Rhyme

Wheel Of Fortune in Rhyme

Representing the material and physical plane in which the soul has become incarnate,

It is the world, in which the fool has to operate,

The world in which he has to use all the other forces to make change and happenings,

The realm in which he experiences suffering in proportion to the level of ignorance in which he is operating,

Suffering is proportional to how much intelligence, care, will and courage he may possess,

Reference to the direction he needs to go to get out of the perpetual cycle of suffering and why he has to seek tarot (truth) or ‘goddess’.

By seeking the sacred feminine generative force that is hidden in nature,

And also in HIS nature which is in his heart which guides his actions and behaviour,

With intelligence, care, courage and will dictating the fools pain,

With high levels needed to get out of the realms and cycles of suffering in the physical domain,

This is what the SPHINX holding the sword of truth as the way shower symbolizes,

Indicating he has to intuitively recognise that there is a pathway to higher consciousness,

But knows that he is NOT there at the beginning of his initiation into the physical realm,

It is a leap of faith that the fool is taking not a suicide but he can still be overwhelmed,

That there is such thing as truth and that if he can understand it by being objective and critical,

That this is what will help him to get out of identification with the purely physical,

With the four fixed signs of the zodiac known as the angels of the corners,

Also representing the middle of the 4 seasons in the form of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus,

The 4 gospel writers, the 4 Archangels and the 4 elements are also symbolized there,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel; Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The crosses of St. George and St. Andrew are depicted in the centre of the wheel,

With George as the plus and Andrew as the x, but what do they reveal?

George(+) is the solar cross or reference to the solar system symbolically,

While Andrew(X) the greater cross pointing to the 4 signs of the zodiac represents the Galaxy,

YHVH (יהוה) pronounced Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey also has numerous symbolic meanings too,

It’s the tetragrammaton, the 4 worlds of the Kaballah, the 4 elements of nature as well as the name of God in Hebrew.

The word ‘Tarot’ is seen when you look at the wheel clockwise,

But this is more than just one word as it is actually a full sentence in disguise,

TAROT itself is translated as the truth,

But what are the other words that this word can produce?

TORA which is a Hebrew transliteration of torah meaning law literally,

The first five books of the bible Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

ATOR is Hathor, who was the Goddess of Love in the ancient Egyptian tradition,

AROT being a Latin term for generate growth and cultivation.

While ORAT also Latin is a literal translation for ‘it speaks’,

Revealing the path to truth for anyone who seeks.

So what are the sentences that these words reveal when they are all put together?



This card tells the start of soul’s journey being born into the physical world from above.