A Bailiff Confesses

Alright, my name is bruiser in case you haven’t heard
And what I gotta say might sound a bit absurd,
But the less who believe it the better for me,
For you see I’m a bailiff in the debt collection industry
We are the footsoldiers of the corprotist banking elite,
Given license by suits to bring terror to the streets.
For many a year we have brought fear into peoples lives,
Mainly those struggling to tread water as they journey through life
I remember clearly how it all begun,
I had little dick syndrome from when I was young,
So to compensate I bullied kids that were smaller than me,
To feed my deep rooted need to have a sense of superiority
So when it came around to picking a career,
It was natural to go for one that that allows to instil fear,
Single mums, the vulnerable and the old,
All easy gullible target for us people that are cold
We demand the money that controls your lives,
While you hand over your goods, thank fuck for us you don’t think twice,
For if you did you might have an almighty revelation,
That the truth is you don’t have to fear us or our intimidation
For many believe we work for the courts of the nation,
When the vast majority of us work for private corporations,
Using this grey area to prey on their confusion,
If only they knew the power we had was merely an illusion
Banging threateningly on peoples doors,
Convincing them we got paperwork signed by the courts,
They glance the paperwork unquestioningly,
Before finally succumbing to my blag authority
For the paperwork has never even been near a court,
It was created back at the office a girl in administration support,
It actually carries fuck all in lawful and legal weight,
But oops you already gave me your signature… too little too late……….

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