Human Beings Of Gaza

Human Beings of Gaza, I apologize to you,
On behalf of those in the rest of the world, for the things we didn’t do,
We didn’t stop the Israeli tyrants, so your fate could be prevented,
We watched them steal you land, humanity and freedom, by our silence we consented,
We have been unable to stop the doom you are unable to escape,
While your children are brutally murdered and your dignity is raped,
Most of the world is lazy and apathetic, while others to afraid,
To think about your struggle, you are right to feel betrayed,
Most are busy with their gadgets, to be concerned or care,
To try to ease the burden of the chains that the tyrants make you wear,
We could have been good humans when the cold bloody thirsty Israelis got in your fold
But we watched your flame of life die instead, and left you cold,
I’m sorry our species is timid, the selfish ‘civilized’ generation
For we left you to suffer all alone, a helpless isolated nation,
I’m sorry for our actions, like cowards we behaved,
We could of fought harder for your freedom, but instead you are enslaved,
Human beings of Palestine, descendants of an ancient land,
I’m sorry we allowed this, the fate you now withstand