A Brief History Of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana – In Rhyme



Something that’s very odd about the history of cannabis,

Is in fact how very legal it once was.

In fact it wasn’t only legal it was one of the largest agricultural crops on Earth,

You see cannabis can also be hemp, and hemp has a profound worth,

For it is the most robust, durable NATURAL soft fibre on the face of this planet,

Which can be grown in the many different climates that people inhabit,

Up until 1883 and for thousands of years before,

It was the largest crop in the world and would never bring cops to your door,

The majority of fabrics, lighting oil, medicines, paper and fibre were just some of its thousands of uses,

While skin cancers are one of the things that it significantly reduces,

The first law regarding hemp was in Virginia in 1619,

Enacted ORDERING farmers to GROW hemp in the Jamestown colony,

Founding father Benjamin Franklin used it to start one of Americas first paper mills,

And up until the 1800’s hemp was also responsible for most of Americas textiles,

The first 2 copies of the declaration of independence were written on cannabis hemp paper,

While 50% of the medicine marketed in the last half of the 19th century was made from cannabis indica,

Even Queen Victoria used the resin extracts from cannabis to alleviate her menstrual pains,

But the real funny thing about hemp is that you could not get high from the industrial strains.

Yet in a show of political propaganda that makes absolutely no sense,

This wonderful plant was given derogatory labels like ‘reefer madness’,

In the early twentieth century yellow journalism came to the surface,

With Blacks and Mexicans depicted as frenzied beasts that were wild and worthless,

That smoked marijuana, played devils music and heaped disrespect  and viciousness on the readers,

Who the majority of which just so happened to be white, and many of whom were unthinking blind believers,

Some offences included looking at a white woman twice and even laughing at a white person,

While stepping on a white mans shadow was deemed a criminal incursion,

This led up to a 1937 law in the form of a tax stamp,

A tax stamp that would not only include marijuana, but cannabis medicines and industrial hemp,

It speculated that industrial hemps potential as a source for an abundance for new productive causes,

Was going to be in direct competition with other more expensive sources,

And this combined with all the reefer madness,

Led to the eventual downfall of all forms of cannabis……………

Popular mechanics magazine a publication that carried some weight,

Actually prepared an interesting article back in 1938,

Declaring that hemp would become the first one billion pound crop,

And when you see its multiple uses you it becomes obvious why it got stopped,

Hemp was touted as being able to produce more that 5,000 textile products from its thread like fibre,

And more than 25,000 products from it cellulose making it a plentiful provider,

Its superiority as a source of paper was also becoming more commonly known,

Especially with the development of hemp processing equipment quickly transforming all that was grown,

Now the new marijuana stamp tax act was all fine and dandy except for one thing,

You had to obtain a stamp from the government if you wanted to start or continue growing,

But the government decided they wasn’t going to give them out to anyone at all,

So in effect in an instant, all forms of cannabis became against the law,

And things pretty much stayed that way until the start of world war 2,

When the government changed its mind again and decided growing hemp would be a good thing to do,

‘Hemp For Victory’ the movie reels proclaimed,

Its myriad of uses universally acclaimed,

But by the time the war was over hemp again became bad,

And cannabis was yet again under industrial attack,

And in 1948 when the cannabis law once again came up for questions,

Congress decided that marijuana was made illegal for the wrong reasons,

Rather than making people violent it turned them into peaceful pacifists,

Which could be exploited by their new cold war foes, Those Russian communists,

So congress voted again to make marijuana possession a crime,

But for exactly the opposite reasons as it did the first time,

And all through the years since,

Report after report commissioned by multiple sources,

From the mayor of new York to the president of the united states,

That marijuana possession should not result in people becoming criminal inmates,

Yet hemp today still remains as illegal as it was 70 years ago,

Resulting in the theft of your fundamental freedom should you seek out its benefits and dare to grow!

The World Today – In Rhyme


To my fellow spiritual beings in this physical manifestation,

I have a message for you all, I have no care for your nation,

For today I reach out to you as an individual being,

And ask you to pause your world for 5 minutes, and to question the world your seeing?

People in the west with their gizmos, gadgets and plasma TV’s,

DISTRACTION – While 34,000   day die, from malnutrition and preventable disease,

Education, Upbringing and the media have convinced you that’s just the way it has to be,

While selling you manipulative bullshit to convince you, you are free.

For at the top of the tree is the banking elite,

For humanities sake need to be made obsolete,

From their hidden perch they have all the controls

From Military, to pharma, to media, to politics and ultimately human souls……

For at street level they create money out thin air,

Convincing you they had it in reserve to Spare,

But im telling you now that is a lie,

And when you can’t pay back you will be made homeless, and hung out to dry.

These are the people responsible for wars,

Numb and indifferent to the pain, suffering and misery they cause,

For in every conflict the feed all sides,

Ebbing and flowing humanities tides

It is a few old men that possess all this power,

With Illusory tentacles and a desire to devour,

For if enough people were brave enough to look behind the curtain,

They know their demise would be imminently certain

Using the weapon of divide and rule,

They trick you to believe your just a worthless fool,

For your power to see through them is what they fear,

Television, Hollywood, Glamour, Porn, Games….. DISTRACTIONS and yes even beer

Its time for you all to stand up and take some personal responsibility,

And start to reconsider your definition of authority,

For it is something the elite have made you externalize,

But its a lot closer to home than that, if only you could all realise.

ive had enough of all the bullshit, destruction, suffering and brutality,

But at the same time I can see and feel the divine that exist in humanity,

For the vast majority of people possess a good heart,

And the last thing desire if for violence or trouble to start….

So how does one take back this power you may ask?

I’m going to attempt to explain, but its no easy task……

First you have to realise what You truly are,

And I’m not going to lie but it may sound bizarre,

There is one thing that unites EVERYTHING in creation.

And that little something is called vibration,

For nothing can exist without some motion,

That includes consciousness, individually and collectively itself part of a vast ocean.

For your thoughts, feelings and emotions give of a beat,

Colliding with other belonging, to the people that your meet

Collectively you create a group atmosphere

Dictating the balance between love and fear

If you set your default feeling as being in love,

Being thankful for everything bestowed from above,

The vibration that you generate

The consciousness of the planet you begin to elevate

For Peace, Harmony and Happiness if your true hearts desire

Love, Truth and Justice is what sets your belly on fire,

So carry these trats within your being

And let Co-Manisfest a new Beginning

Peace out



We are all individuals with many unique traits and qualities,

Creating a world full of fascinating, unique diversities.

Each individual is a world of their own,

To create with freewill and to not be a clone.

Endowed with consciousness that comes from within,

Bestowed with God given rights that end where those of other worlds begin.

Each of us a custodian of this big world that we share,

In need of food, water, shelter and obviously clean air.

Deprived of these essentials life becomes nothing more than just about existence,

Forcing people into looking for external assistance.

The fulfilment of these needs is what makes every individual equal,

Depravation leading to a world of conflict that is not very peaceful.

Nefarious worlds manipulating control of these needs into the hands of elite minorities,

A  lust for power, control and self serving interests their main priorites.

Power maintained by engineering a world of confusion,

Dumbing  down the masses with fear and illusion.

Education and propaganda insists YOU and scarcity is to blame,

To make you feel guilt, while the manipulators feel no shame.

This guilt then distracts people into blaming each other,

While the elite continue hoard and plunder resources from OUR mother.

Suppressing technologies that could create abundance for all,

That would ultimately lead to their powers downfall.

The only thing that matters to these people is their lust for control,

Destroying uniqueness and individuality while creating an unquestioning whole.

An obedient populace that believes in the concept of master and slave,

Deprives power from the individual while telling them how to behave.

With their bullshit laws that they insist you must obey,

Creating crimes without victims that could get you locked away.

When the only crime should be to cause no harm or no loss,

In full liability as your OWN worlds boss.

Taking control of your sovereign affairs,

Diminishing the power of graces and heirs.

Reclaiming control of YOUR world from their genocidal claws,

A powerful cog in the wheel that ends all poverty and wars.

But they have convinced individuals to believe there is nothing they can do,

To be accepting and even protective of their myopic world view.

Tricking the masses into policing one another,

So they can have caviar and play golf without any bother.

Its time for people to realise that this isn’t the way it has to be,

That a world is possible where EVERYONE is free.

Free from the rule of a despotic few,

The power to create which lies inside of you.

Its starts by being honest about the type of world you would like to be created,

Learning to let go of negative desires like greed, lust and hatred.

For these are the root causes of all the modern day destruction,

That serves no purpose in a world of benevolent construction.

By being open and expressing how you truly feel,

Shattering illusions and being 100% real.