The World Today



To my fellow spiritual beings in this physical manifestation,

I have a message for you all, I have no care for your nation,

For today I reach out to you as an individual being,

And ask you to pause your world for 5 minutes, and to question the world your seeing?

People in the west with their gizmos, gadgets and plasma TV’s,

DISTRACTION – While 34,000   day die, from malnutrition and preventable disease,

Education, Upbringing and the media have convinced you that’s just the way it has to be,

While selling you manipulative bullshit to convince you, you are free.

For at the top of the tree is the banking elite,

For humanities sake need to be made obsolete,

From their hidden perch they have all the controls

From Military, to pharma, to media, to politics and ultimately human souls……

For at street level they create money out thin air,

Convincing you they had it in reserve to Spare,

But im telling you now that is a lie,

And when you can’t pay back you will be made homeless, and hung out to dry.

These are the people responsible for wars,

Numb and indifferent to the pain, suffering and misery they cause,

For in every conflict the feed all sides,

Ebbing and flowing humanities tides

It is a few old men that possess all this power,

With Illusory tentacles and a desire to devour,

For if enough people were brave enough to look behind the curtain,

They know their demise would be imminently certain

Using the weapon of divide and rule,

They trick you to believe your just a worthless fool,

For your power to see through them is what they fear,

Television, Hollywood, Glamour, Porn, Games….. DISTRACTIONS and yes even beer

Its time for you all to stand up and take some personal responsibility,

And start to reconsider your definition of authority,

For it is something the elite have made you externalize,

But its a lot closer to home than that, if only you could all realise.

ive had enough of all the bullshit, destruction, suffering and brutality,

But at the same time I can see and feel the divine that exist in humanity,

For the vast majority of people possess a good heart,

And the last thing desire if for violence or trouble to start….

So how does one take back this power you may ask?

I’m going to attempt to explain, but its no easy task……

First you have to realise what You truly are,

And I’m not going to lie but it may sound bizarre,

There is one thing that unites EVERYTHING in creation.

And that little something is called vibration,

For nothing can exist without some motion,

That includes consciousness, individually and collectively itself part of a vast ocean.

For your thoughts, feelings and emotions give of a beat,

Colliding with other belonging, to the people that your meet

Collectively you create a group atmosphere

Dictating the balance between love and fear

If you set your default feeling as being in love,

Being thankful for everything bestowed from above,

The vibration that you generate

The consciousness of the planet you begin to elevate

For Peace, Harmony and Happiness if your true hearts desire

Love, Truth and Justice is what sets your belly on fire,

So carry these trats within your being

And let Co-Manisfest a new Beginning

Peace out

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