Philosophical Contemplations

There is something special happening here on this Earth,

People a waking up to what they are truly worth,

Realising that wealth doesn’t lie in material possessions,

Along with the destruction caused by superficial obsessions,

Awakening from the wool that’s been pulled of their eyes,

Shocked to the core in disbelief, at the depths…..

……. of the corruption and lies,

The web of destruction is scattered and spread far and wide,

To keep us all isolated, a controlled populace is what they need to divide.

Creating and manipulating hundreds of issues to keep us confused,

To an extent where people allow genocide and evil to be legitimately excused

But there is something amazing that is starting to occur,

The heart pain this is causing is creating a stir,

People are beginning to feel the pain,

Caused by the psychopathic elite, who are clinically insane,

People are being awoken by varying issues that are close to their heart,

Fighting back against the system of which they were apart,

The issues are many, the subjects are vast,

As what reality is becomes unmasked

Collectively we are piecing lifes complex puzzle together,

Finding and exposing every evil suppressor,

We are all doing this fight in our own unique way,

Spreading the truth day after day

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