Souls Journey, Spiritual Awakening AND the real law of attraction……

arcana tree of life

When a soul first incarnates on this earthly plane,
It is in material AND spiritual darkness, but still feeling and sensing… vibrations of love and pain,
Absorbing these waves like a sponge trying to hold on to water,
But with an infinite capacity regardless of whether it’s incarnated into a son or a daughter.
With the help of the 5 senses the soul first identifies the environment in which itself can be found,
Along with some nurture, care and guidance from other souls that seem to be constantly around,
This will be parents, siblings and quite often extended family too,
As well as family friends having a myriad of long term influences on any soul that is new.
Learning the customs of the souls of the environment that have already been around a while,
Having priorities and care programmed while the plethora of life experiences start to compile,
Until a time comes where the programming and experiences start to conflict,
And the soul starts to have a self-realization that it may have been tricked.
Tricked into believing physical world of matter and trinkets is the epitome of what life is all about,
When truth is ALL the material possessions having nothing on experiences that are profound,
They cannot be bought and they most certainly cannot be sold,
They cannot even be stolen or taken away, they are yours for as long as you wish to hold.
But what defines the good or bad of the soul is dependent on the environment at the start,
Was it one of greed, lies and control or did it have love, truth and care resonating at its heart?,
For when the soul first realizes that the physical world is not all there is,
It means it has identified with the spiritual, but living and been living in a spiritual darkness.
That the internal world of thoughts, feeling and emotions quite often referred to as the self,
Have an equally valid basis and influence in reality just as much as everything and everyone else,
But if upon this realization the soul continues to live in spiritual denial,
It will remain in a perpetual materialistic suffering cycle.
However should this realization prompt the soul to seek out something spiritually higher,
Then it needs to be ignited by an internal desire,
An internal desire to seek out deep understandings and a greater spiritual awareness,
Along with courage to step away from the habits that has kept it in spiritual darkness.
But while the spiritual path is full of wonder and awe and a seemingly quick way out of life’s material monotonies,
It would be a folly and foolish to use it to escape, ignore or disregard any of life’s material obligations and responsibilities,
A very alluring path for those who become conscious and ashamed of materialisms destructive effects,
With those of a righteous conscience developing feelings of guilt and pain along with materialistic regrets.
At this point it is understandable why so many scream at the physical world ‘I don’t want anything to do with you no more’…..,
And totally turn their back on it to pursue solely what lies behind their newly opened spiritual door,
With carrots such as Enlightenment, Ascension and Nirvana dangled as crowning glories of the spiritual path,
While gurus fill you with loads of profound sounding information and knowledge that they insist will help you attract.
Deceptively proclaiming the law of attraction is solely powered by what you think within your mind,
Praying on the naivety of those who have only just spiritually awakened and to an extent still spiritually blind,
Brainwashing them with notions that the material world is not real and a nothing to worry about illusion,
Another piece of trickery played out on a souls initial spiritual confusion.
And in those cases where these notions are willingly and unquestioningly absorbed,
Then a new soul is birthed that believes and feels its material responsibilities have now been absolved,
Having escaped a left brain materialistic imbalance the soul falls through a trapdoor,
Into its imbalanced right brain spiritual opposite that should be treated with just as much deplore.
The belief that the inner world, the self, the I and the me,
Is the sum of all the things that matter while the external world is perceived as not real and purely illusory,
Material gluttony has merely been replaced by a type of spiritual egotism,
Who then go round preaching things like ‘love & light’ oblivious to their own self righteous narcissism.
So what is a spiritual initiate to do with materialism and spirituality very much maligned?,
The trick is to realize it IS NOT confined to an either/or option and that they just need to be aligned,
That the desire to obtain greater spiritual awareness is bounded by natural law,
And spiritual darkness will remain perpetual if material reality is to be ignored.
So what is needed to achieve spiritual wholeness and self-realization?,
It requires BOTH the spiritual and physical to merge into a synchronized combination,
Courage and strength for example are ‘internal’ instinctive feminine qualities that can be defined as spiritual,
That can only be shown in the material world through action or the masculine ‘act’ of will.
Likewise the feminine ‘inner’ voice that consists of our thoughts, feelings and emotion,
Can have influence and effect in the external world via the masculine ‘act’ of words that can be spoken,
Knowledge alone is another trait that can be defined as an internal feminine quality,
That is distinguishable from wisdom regardless of the quantity.
For wisdom is a masculine trait that is merely knowledge that has been applied,
With self-mastery and spiritual wholeness achieved when these masculine and feminine qualities tempered by care are honestly and truthfully combined.