When a new morning dawns,
Dare to smile appreciatively,
For most take it for granted,
Because it happens naturally,

When there is darkness,
Dare to be the first to shine a light,
For maybe that is all that is needed,
To bring an end to the night,

When there is injustice,
Dare to be the first to speak for those wronged,
For your righteous indignation,
May prevent further injustices from carrying on,

When something seems it might be too tough,
Dare to do it anyway,
For even if you fail,
The experience itself could bring value to your day,

When life seems to knock you down,
Then dare to fight back,
By taking it by the scruff of the neck,
To get yourself on track,

When  there seem to be no hope,
Then dare to find some,
But make sure that hope is realistic,
Or to it your life will succumb,

When you feel tired,
Then dare to keep on going,
For only a couple of steps more maybe needed,
To get you positively glowing,

When times are tough,
Then dare to be tougher,
For the alternative is to sink,
And you may start to suffer,

When love hurts you,
Then dare to love again,
The present is not the past,
And new love maybe all it takes to wash away your pain,

When someone is hurting,
Then dare to help them with some healing,
By giving them a shoulder to lean on,
And help them with their feelings,

When another is lost,
Then dare to help them find their way,
A gentle nudge,
Maybe all it takes to being some direction to their day,

When a friend falls,
Then dare to be the first to offer a helping hand,
You maybe the only person with the ability,
To help them up and stand,

When you cross paths with another,
Then dare to make them smile,
It might be something they not had much reason for,
Or may have even been a while,

When you feel great,
Then dare to help others feel great too,
Positiveness is viral,
And can spread faster than the flu,

When the day has ended,
Dare to feel as you’ve done your best,
Closing your eyes with a satisfied smile,
As you lay your head to rest.

Dare to be the best you can at all times, dare to be.