The Bastard To The Queen – A Ponderance about HIS STORY

Inspired by the fantastic work of wilson and blackett along with Michael of Benicia and those involved with the UCT, highly recommend people watch the Fraud Of English History link below as well as the self-realisation website for some fantastic information on various issues

How dare you insult MY queen you hear the royalists say,

She is just a harmless old lady who is wrinkly and grey.

Unable to see through her appearance like the wolf tricking little red riding hood,

Or that her status was obtained on the back of innocent blood.

The latest in the line of a 1,000 year feuding family dynasty,

With more blood on its hands than any other in human history.

Starting with William the Bastard back in ten sixty six,

The man who spawned an offspring of genocidal dicks.

Erasing the evidence of what had gone before,

Claiming they civilized a nation that was backward and constantly at war.

The Normans used this to legitimise their illegal invasion,

Transforming us from allodial into a feudal nation.

22 lines from the bastard to the queen,

With murderers and genocidal bastards littered between.

Bringing death and destruction to everywhere they touched,

Claiming absolute ownership of everything they clutched.

Stealing the wealth AND the people from far and distant lands,

Claiming they were civilizing nations being run by barbaric clans.

Repeating the rhetoric of the Normans to justify their crimes,

Changing the narrative to keep up with the times

So what lizzies inheritance from her families ill gotten gains?

Is she really suffering financial difficulties as she recently claimed?

Head of state of 32 territories and nations,

The owner of various crown corporations.

She is the ‘legal’ owner of 6,600 million acres of land,

One sixth of ALL available belongs in this one persons hand.

The ONLY person on Earth to own whole countries,

Many miles away from her own domestic territories.

This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state,

They are both completely different and that is not a mistake.

Seventeen Trillion Six Hundred Billion Pounds the value of her lands and holdings

And she is seriously whingeing about financially folding? :/

£17,600,000,000,000 is how that number looks,

Claiming she is struggling to balance the books?

Is she really struggling to find pennies in her purse?

Has she really become a victim of this austerity curse?

Is she seriously trying to plead a bit of poverty?

Using her little old lady status to attract some sympathy?

Coz people fall for it hook, line and sinker

Instead of pausing for a moment to become a free thinker.

For she also has investments in the arms trade,

More death and destruction is where her profits are made.

So to all of you that say she should be unquestionably respected,

That absurd notion has no grounds and is thoroughly rejected.

Benefitting immensely in ill gotten wealth,

While billions are struggling to maintain basic health.

Country houses, castles and palaces galore,

Do you reckon she’s ever had to sleep on a floor?

Millions struggling to keep a roof over their head,

While others dream of the comfort of a bed.

So to you who look on her as some godly motherly figure,

Im sorry but I’m telling you now all I see………… is Lucifer!

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