I am not a hippie,
Nor a nutter,
Not an extremist,
Nor a head butter,
I am not a freak for loving nature,
I would just like this for world,
To love for all it caters,
No hating,
No wars,
No propaganda,
No lies,
No manipulation,
No agenda,
One world,
One planet,
We all live here,
The rules that are there,
Make us all full of fear,
Imagine if you would,
For just a second,
That there was no need to fight one another,
No trouble beckons,
Now do you wonder where that trouble comes from?
Think about it,
And how long it has gone on,
If we bleed the same blood and cry the same tears,
We share the same joys,
And the same fears,
If we love our children,
No matter what our religions,
We want the best for each other,
Trying to make the best decisions,
We are human beings at our core,
Nothing else to say,
There is no more,
Beautiful people,
Fashioned by our society,
Are we really civilised?
What is our priority?
We go to work 9-5,
To EARN our inherent right to survive,
But is not surviving a right anyway?
Why do we have to live this way?
Is this indoctrination,
From the higher classes,
Passed down to the lower,
Unworthy classes?
Generations have lived this way,
We pass it on to our children every day,
Unless something changes,
And by that i mean us,
Our kids will live our lives,
But even more so than us,
It is said hindsight is important,
Foresight is better,
Do you want your kids to live your lives to the tee, right to the letter?

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