‘Individuality’, ‘Collectivism’ & ‘Slavery’



The needs and beliefs of the many, outweigh the needs and beliefs of the few,

Is commonly repeated mantra by those with a collectivist world view,

While for others it is more about population and behavioural control,

That sucks peoples unique individuality down a dark black hole,

Through threat of isolation and alienation individuals that question or don’t conform,

Until their individuality is sucked dry and they follow the collectives unquestioning norm.

But there is a serious question with this kind of set up that needs bringing to light,

Because the many has more numbers, does that mean the many are right?

There was a time when the MANY justified slavery,

While the FEW fought against the odds because they believed all men should be free,

Abolitionists was the name by which these brave souls went,

Refusing to conform while expressing dissent,

Seeing a moral wrong in a socially acceptable and government sanctioned tradition,

Refusing to give it acceptance just because it got the ‘manys’ recognition,

Risking their lives and reputations relentlessly by planting the seeds,

In the minds of the many to help get the wrongness perceived,

Until eventually the righteousness in their endeavours could no longer be ignored,

And slavery got abolished and put to the sword,

And all because a few individuals refused to accept the will of the many,

The evil that was people ownership got consigned to history.

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