Truth Versus Perception


truth versus perception


Truth is objective meaning it is NOT based on wavering human perceptions,

Which are susceptible to external programming and mind control deceptions,

Truth Is simply that WHICH IS, having occurred in the past and occurring in the now,

And cannot or can never be changed, anyway anyhow,

Our perception is not reality,

But our work is to align these two dimensionalities,

Perception is merely the filter we see reality through,

With the human beings work to align the perception to the reality that is true,

Picturing truth as a fixed unmoving straight line,

With perception depicted as a frequency wave with which it often aligns,

With higher frequency waves indicating a higher perception of reality,

The wave becoming like the straight line once it accepts a reality, and not what we WANT the truth to be.

By not aligning the perception to what we wish,

But aligning it with the acceptance of all that IS…….




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