Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Who, What, Where, When and Why are we?
Questions raised by every generation,
With psychological and violent wars waged eternally
Causing societal devestation,
By folk that feel the need
While blessed with some deluded insight,
To force the views of THEIR creed
As though it is a God given right,
Self-appointed masters
Narcissism the core of their nature,
The source of manmade disasters
The epitome of Danger,
For these are questions
To ponder personally,
Sure be open to suggestions
But don’t indoctrinate forcefully,
Acceptance that all our personal experiences
Have created 7 billion unique world views,
Acceptance that there is more to life than physical appearances
And that people should be free to choose,
Free to choose what they hold within their being
While journeying through life,
In tune with ones own personal feelings
Without a desire to cause strife,
Aware that some of your tune
May not be to everybodys tastes ,
By not behaving like a loon
And screamin into peoples faces.

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