The World Today – In Rhyme


To my fellow spiritual beings in this physical manifestation,

I have a message for you all, I have no care for your nation,

For today I reach out to you as an individual being,

And ask you to pause your world for 5 minutes, and to question the world your seeing?

People in the west with their gizmos, gadgets and plasma TV’s,

DISTRACTION – While 34,000   day die, from malnutrition and preventable disease,

Education, Upbringing and the media have convinced you that’s just the way it has to be,

While selling you manipulative bullshit to convince you, you are free.

For at the top of the tree is the banking elite,

For humanities sake need to be made obsolete,

From their hidden perch they have all the controls

From Military, to pharma, to media, to politics and ultimately human souls……

For at street level they create money out thin air,

Convincing you they had it in reserve to Spare,

But im telling you now that is a lie,

And when you can’t pay back you will be made homeless, and hung out to dry.

These are the people responsible for wars,

Numb and indifferent to the pain, suffering and misery they cause,

For in every conflict the feed all sides,

Ebbing and flowing humanities tides

It is a few old men that possess all this power,

With Illusory tentacles and a desire to devour,

For if enough people were brave enough to look behind the curtain,

They know their demise would be imminently certain

Using the weapon of divide and rule,

They trick you to believe your just a worthless fool,

For your power to see through them is what they fear,

Television, Hollywood, Glamour, Porn, Games….. DISTRACTIONS and yes even beer

Its time for you all to stand up and take some personal responsibility,

And start to reconsider your definition of authority,

For it is something the elite have made you externalize,

But its a lot closer to home than that, if only you could all realise.

ive had enough of all the bullshit, destruction, suffering and brutality,

But at the same time I can see and feel the divine that exist in humanity,

For the vast majority of people possess a good heart,

And the last thing desire if for violence or trouble to start….

So how does one take back this power you may ask?

I’m going to attempt to explain, but its no easy task……

First you have to realise what You truly are,

And I’m not going to lie but it may sound bizarre,

There is one thing that unites EVERYTHING in creation.

And that little something is called vibration,

For nothing can exist without some motion,

That includes consciousness, individually and collectively itself part of a vast ocean.

For your thoughts, feelings and emotions give of a beat,

Colliding with other belonging, to the people that your meet

Collectively you create a group atmosphere

Dictating the balance between love and fear

If you set your default feeling as being in love,

Being thankful for everything bestowed from above,

The vibration that you generate

The consciousness of the planet you begin to elevate

For Peace, Harmony and Happiness if your true hearts desire

Love, Truth and Justice is what sets your belly on fire,

So carry these trats within your being

And let Co-Manisfest a new Beginning

Peace out

Natural Law By Mark Passio In Rhyme Part 1

OK this one has been pulled together as a review of Mark Passios fantastic Natural Law Seminar, the full seminar is 7 hours long, the little prose below is an Odic summary of the first 40 minutes with more to come in the near future. I urge everyone to find the time to look into some of Marks work, especially on the New Age Movement and check out his website.

Do you like to be taught? Are you easy to teach?,
Is your ability to learn open, to the ways that others preach?
Well this can only be determined by the state of YOUR mind,
How much it is open or closed, and how its balance is inclined.
Low teachability is born out of arrogance, rigid scepticism but also from the gullible and naïve,
Who often rush too quick to blindly believe,
While high teachability is dependant on an open minded willingness to learn and constantly evolve,
Balanced with a healthy scepticism, that gets bullshit dissolved.
Holding an idea in your mind that you don’t have to immediately accept,
While at the same time realising it would be stupid to immediately reject.
Somewhat sceptically, somewhat trustingly is the balance to keep,
To avoid becoming a cynic, to avoid becoming a sheep.
Considering with great care where you source your information,
Entertain the possibility it is loaded with bias confirmation.
By refusing to present certain details to keep people FULLY in the know,
And pressuring individuals to dismiss certain information from the information flow,
Nefarious institutions seek to control what humans perceive,
Putting limits on what people come to understand, while suppressing new ideas that are conceived.

You SAY you want certain conditions for YOURself and the whole of humanity,
Such as happiness, health, peace, freedom as well as prosperity,
However requirements exist for YOU to help obtain these conditions,
Absense of which prevents progress, while creating obstructive restrictions,
For these conditions do NOT just appear from thin air,
Rhetoric and thought alone WILL NOT make them appear.
This is about understanding the REAL law of attraction,
And NOT the deceptive one that encourages inaction,
NOT the new age BULLSHIT insisting that thoughts and feelings are all that you require,
To help bring about these conditions you say you desire,
So what are these requirements I hear you say?
Well the key lies in knowledge, and the quality obtained.
So since we don’t HAVE the human species existing the way that we say we wish,
Then that means one of two things has happened to the knowledge,
It is EITHER absent, OR if present being wilfully rejected,
For as long as it remains in either of these states, the conditions YOU desire will remain unmanifested
Occulted knowledge increases as you move up through the societal classes,
Purposely hidden to maintain the ignorance of the masses.
Deriving from the latin verb ‘occultare,’ simply meaning to keep secret, to hide or to conceal,
That realised through real eyes soon starts to reveal.
Knowledge of NATURAL LAW is whats being occulted and kept back,
Preventing humanity from a benevolent track,
Along with knowledge of human consciousness and how it functions,
The unseen universal spiritual laws by which the consequences of human behaviour are governed.
The macrocosm and the microcosm are other names by which they are inferred,
As above so below is more commonly referred.
So why is this knowledge hidden, keeping humanity back from its full potential?
It is being done deliberately to create and maintain an unbalanced power differential.
Between those who hold the relevant information,
And those who are ignorant, lacking the ability of deep contemplation.
The knowledge of natural law and how it operates constitutes the most deeply occulted information on the earth,
The powers that be keeping it hidden from the masses of people, while maintaining the illusion of their higher worth,
Because its realisation would bring about a level playing field,
Bringing an end to the powerful control systems that wickedly wield.
So how are they able to keep this knowledge secretly held back?
Endless trivialities, nonsense on the news, video games, television and sports are used to deliberately distract…
So why is it in the interests of the powers that be to keep this information hidden at all cost?
It is simply to prevent their dominating powerbase becoming obsolete, and their systems of control becoming lost.
There are 2 main reasons as to why people are in a state of not knowing,
‘Nescience’ or ‘Ignorance’ preventing them growing,
The former being because the information is absent or simply doesn’t exist,
The latter meaning it is known and present but ignored, refused or wilfully dismissed.
Nescience is a state that carries no blame,
Wilful IGNORance is inexcusable for which people should be ashamed.
So ask yourself do we live in a nescient or ignorant society?
The one thats drowning in so much misery, suffering, hate and impropriety,
And when you consider the sheer quantity of information that is flying about,
Ignorance is surely the conclusion, beyond all reasonable doubt,
For in an age when there is an overwhelming amount available at peoples fingertips,
It suggests people are wilfully choosing to not get to grips,
Ignorance the truth is no longer an option,
But an active wilful choice the provides the fuel for corruption,
Content to let evil runaway uncontested,
When they should be screaming for its perpetrators to be arrested,
All to happy to discuss the symptoms of all that is bad and causing people to die,
But never take the time out to pause for a moment and ask that all important question of WHY?
And for as long as this question is avoided we can forget about finding a solution,
To the control systems myriad of ways of endless persecution.

The Banking and Mortgage Fraud Debt Slavery System Exposed

Have you ever considered why the world is in so much debt?

Are you truly aware of its destructive  effect?

Have you ever considered who the debt is owed too?

Making people homeless when it becomes over due?

Quite simply debt, is the kings of all scams,

Turning countries and people into debt slave lambs,

For the money banks loan is created out of thin air,

Your sweat, equity and labour, they want to ensnare

To the banks people go when they want to buy their home,

In the hope that they provide a huge big cash loan,

For people believe the banks have something physical spare,

The contract exchange is righteous, equitable and fair.

Your shelter? your security? you put on the line,

Intention to pay what you believe someone has loaned is what you sign,

But up to that moment there is something you don’t know,

You need to be aware of and help us all expose.

Before  you gave that final stroke of the wrist.

The money was nowhere, it did not exist?

For at that moment digits were typed onto a screen,

WHOOMPH out of nowhere, now they can be visibly seen.

And there it is, your promise to pay,

25 years you will now have to slave away,

But if disaster strikes and you cannot fulfil your obligation,

The banks hired thugs will target your home for complete confiscation.

But what if I told you the bank had already been paid?

Many times over, would you feel you have been played?

For the piece of paper you signed created the bank an asset,

Which they bundled together with others into an investable packet.

Securities they were called, and millions were sold

Traded on the markets, by the rich and the cold,

Many  times over your bank has been paid

While you become another member of the homeless brigade

The digits on the screen are also fully insured,

Upto 80% of the of the value on is fully secured,

Then they sell of your house at a prized auction,

Parasatic leeches feeding and lusting on your tragic misfortune.

So it is always in their interests for you not be able to pay back

So they could deliver you a brutal life destroying smack

All for the sake of tapping a few computer keys,

Your life is in tatters and your down on your knees.

And do you really think that all this is fair?

I mean who has the right to create anything out of thin air?

Who the fuck thinks they have the god given right?

To keep us debt slaves, morning and night.

Well people are beginning to stand and fight back,

Defending each others properties from bailiff attacks,

Standing against the footsoldiers of the corporate elite,

Lovingly and peacabally down on the street,

Because in 2014 no body should be thrust onto the street……

Peace Out