Welcome to a world of contemplation and alternative thinking, where ideas and issues of the modern day world are expressed passively in rhyme for you yourself to contemplate, hold them without having to either accept or reject them immediately. Real life issues, issues close to the heart, soul and human consciousness, polarized issues, environmental issues, political issues, historical issues mixed with some crazy out there stuff and some humor too.

Personalised Poems

What this blog is all about is taking every day issues be they personal or global and try to express them in rhyme format in the hope it will encourage people to entertain ideas from as many perspectives as possible without the under no obligation accept them by doing so. Polarized issues are the best for me to get my teeth into. Some mornings I wake up think of an issue and by the end of the day I can have anything from a science paper, a news story, a  controversy, an individual or philosophical contemplation expressed in rhyme to try and relay issues into simpler shorter soundbites while trying to encourage them to ask questions, sometimes quite difficult ones.

Ill be frank and honest though, I really give a damn about the state of this world and get out to help people in their various battles against the system as change will only occur in the great outdoors where action MUST be taken and will not take place while people are sitting behind their computer screens. My gift to the world will be to keep on doing this in the hope to get important messages, truths and ideas in the mind of the global collective and I will not stop, everything posted on this blog belongs to humanity and I claim no ownership rights or any of that bullshit, in fact I encourage people to try and find ways to make these issues even more succinct as possible.

All that being said the reality of things is I still have to eat, drink, pay rent and pay for energy using the debt notes I despise that have lead to this world being enslaved. After doing a personalised poem for a friend I realised that I would be able to do this for anyone should they wish to do so and I decided to start offering personalised poems to people at a price depending on the length of the poem the very act of doing so made me cringe. However I have now decided that is not the way I want to do things, I have now decided to offer personalised poems/stories to people for what ever they think the value in it and/or my other work is, be it something or nothing and not necessarily monetary either.

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