The Souls Journey (Tarot) Part 5 – The Lovers, The Hierophant and The Emperor

lover skaballah tarot


The Lovers

The LOVERS, at the heart chakra and located at centre of the tree of life,
Symbolised by Adam as the husband and Eve as his wife,
Once again showing the twin forces of male and female,
Which are brought together into a higher consciousness as depicted by the archangel,
Higher forces is what the angel represents,
Showing that is what love and TRUE CARE puts us into touch with and what it ultimately presents!

The Hierophant & The Emperor

The HIEROPHANT recognises the aspects we exercise within ourselves for self control or dominion,
Through acts of WILL bringing thoughts, emotions and actions into harmony and unison,
Our own thoughts emotions and actions are the only things that we control exclusively,
It is associated with the throat chakra and about how you use your voice energy,
To speak into creation, what you are putting out there,
Are you speaking truthful sound vibrations that you are putting into the air?
Holds a wand as it is about a form of control, but a form of control we do have the right to exercise,
It is taking control over the kingdom of self, which is essential for the fool to become wise.
The EMPEROR is also associated with the throat chakra as this is another dualistic level on the tree of life,
Represents influencing others, being an influence in the world and the truth in your advice,
Through what you know, what you care about, what you do in life and how you inspire and influence others,
Are you an example like a good king? Setting an example on how to live, while seeking the godess mother?
The globe symbolizing the earth representing that our actions go beyond us to influence the world,
Another crowned illuminate through whom truth and wisdom can be heard,
The Hierophants internal self control combined with the emperors external influence over others,
Dictates how we speak to ourselves to help ourselves and move forward or consciousness,
And how we speak to others to influence them in a capacity of truth with the words that we emit,
Attempting to leave the world in a much better place than the way we found it.

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