The Souls Journey (Tarot) Part 2 – The Wheel Of Fortune – In Rhyme

Wheel Of Fortune in Rhyme

Representing the material and physical plane in which the soul has become incarnate,

It is the world, in which the fool has to operate,

The world in which he has to use all the other forces to make change and happenings,

The realm in which he experiences suffering in proportion to the level of ignorance in which he is operating,

Suffering is proportional to how much intelligence, care, will and courage he may possess,

Reference to the direction he needs to go to get out of the perpetual cycle of suffering and why he has to seek tarot (truth) or ‘goddess’.

By seeking the sacred feminine generative force that is hidden in nature,

And also in HIS nature which is in his heart which guides his actions and behaviour,

With intelligence, care, courage and will dictating the fools pain,

With high levels needed to get out of the realms and cycles of suffering in the physical domain,

This is what the SPHINX holding the sword of truth as the way shower symbolizes,

Indicating he has to intuitively recognise that there is a pathway to higher consciousness,

But knows that he is NOT there at the beginning of his initiation into the physical realm,

It is a leap of faith that the fool is taking not a suicide but he can still be overwhelmed,

That there is such thing as truth and that if he can understand it by being objective and critical,

That this is what will help him to get out of identification with the purely physical,

With the four fixed signs of the zodiac known as the angels of the corners,

Also representing the middle of the 4 seasons in the form of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus,

The 4 gospel writers, the 4 Archangels and the 4 elements are also symbolized there,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel; Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The crosses of St. George and St. Andrew are depicted in the centre of the wheel,

With George as the plus and Andrew as the x, but what do they reveal?

George(+) is the solar cross or reference to the solar system symbolically,

While Andrew(X) the greater cross pointing to the 4 signs of the zodiac represents the Galaxy,

YHVH (יהוה) pronounced Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey also has numerous symbolic meanings too,

It’s the tetragrammaton, the 4 worlds of the Kaballah, the 4 elements of nature as well as the name of God in Hebrew.

The word ‘Tarot’ is seen when you look at the wheel clockwise,

But this is more than just one word as it is actually a full sentence in disguise,

TAROT itself is translated as the truth,

But what are the other words that this word can produce?

TORA which is a Hebrew transliteration of torah meaning law literally,

The first five books of the bible Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

ATOR is Hathor, who was the Goddess of Love in the ancient Egyptian tradition,

AROT being a Latin term for generate growth and cultivation.

While ORAT also Latin is a literal translation for ‘it speaks’,

Revealing the path to truth for anyone who seeks.

So what are the sentences that these words reveal when they are all put together?



This card tells the start of soul’s journey being born into the physical world from above.

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