The Souls Journey (Tarot) – Part 3 – The Hermit

the hermit


The hermit is the initiate, who begins to leave the purely physical identified state of consciousness,
Realising that he has been dwelling in darkness and illusion he sets out on a journey of truth with his lamp of knowledge,
With the 6 point blazing star known as the seal of Solomon he sets about his affairs,
Representing the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres,
This is what the hermit seeks, he know he is in a state of spiritual darkness and wants light,
That’s why he wears darker robes, which are grey, not pure or not white,
A bit like Gandolf the grey wizard in the lord of the rings,
Who does battle with the Balrock symbolizing his internal demons,
Representing the darker aspects of the self, the internal demon of smoke and firey blizzards,
Which once Gandolf conquers he then re-emerges in the form of a white wizard.
The hermit realises he has a lot to learn, he is in darkness but wants to receive,
Associated with the desire centre and the sacrum chakra with endless possibilities to be achieved,
He is establishing a foundation through his desire for learning, experience and knowledge accumulation,
He is beginning to root himself in higher levels of awareness, the first step in the realm of formation.

The Undeniable Truth – In Prose


You cannot begin to imagine in how many ways the world that you perceive,
is the opposite of what you have been taught to believe,
You see the guy who sells drugs to willing customers so he can feed his family as the scum of the earth,
While you see the hypocrite who gives away stolen money in the name of government as a saint with worth,
You automatically see the guy who tries to avoid been robbed by the bailiff thugs as a crook and a tax cheat committing a wrong,
but see as virtuous the politician who gives away the same stolen loot to people whom it does not belong,
You see the cop as a good guy when he drags a man away from his friends and family,
then throws him in prison for ten years for smoking a leaf,
You see people who defend themselves from such barbaric fascism at the hands of supposed societal pillars,
As the lowest form of life – -‘demonic’ Cop Killers,
In reality, most drug dealers are more virtuous than any government social worker employees,
And prostitutes have far less to be ashamed of than political whores and fleas,
because they trade only with what’s rightfully theirs,
and only with those who wants to trade with them fully in charge of their own affairs.
The upstanding law-abiding tax-payer who votes should be viewed far more despicably,
as a bigger threat to humanity than the most promiscuous lazy drug snorting hippy,
WHY? Is the question that most people ask when entertaining this thought,
Because the hippy is willing to let others be free, and the voter is NOT.
The damage done to society by bad habits and loose morality is NOTHING,
compared to the damage done to society by the self righteous violence committed in the name of the state when it wants SOMETHING,
You imagine yourselves to be charitable and tolerant when you are nothing of the sort,
Even the Nazis had table manners and proper etiquette when they wasn’t killing or committing torts,
You think you’re good people because you say please and thank you?
Totally oblivious to your myopic world view,
The difference between you and a common thief is that the thief has the decency to commit the crimes himself,
While the you whine for government to do your stealing for you, rather than yourself,
The difference between you and street thugs is that the thug is open about the violence they commit,
While you let others forcibly control your neighbours on your behalf until they finally submit,
You advocate theft, assault and even murder, but accept no responsibility for doing so,
Or even finding justification because you worship the control,
You old folks want government to steal from your kids so you get your monthly cheque for cashing,
While you parents want all your neighbours to be robbed to pay for your kids schooling,
You all vote for which ever crook promises to steal money from other people to pay for what you desire,
And will even advocate your chosen thief as someone to admire,
You demand that people who engage in behaviours you don’t approve of,
be dragged off and locked up but feel no guilt for the countless lives your whims have destroyed,
You even call the government thugs ‘representatives’ and yet you never take responsibility for the evil that they commit,
You proudly support the troops as they kill whomever the liars in government tell them to kill and you feel GOOD about it,
You call yourselves Christians or Muslims or Jews or some other religion but the truth is,
For what you call your religion is empty window dressing for what you truly worship,
The God you truly bow to, what you really believe in, is the State,
As god of your overall circumstances or conditions in life and in charge of you fate,
Thou shall not steal, though shall not murder are wrongs for people to commit,
But if you can do it by way of government then it’s just fine isn’t it?
For if you call it ‘taxation’ and ‘war’ you believe its not longer a sin,
For it was your God that said you shouldn’t steal and murder while government permits.
So because the government said it was ok and fine,
It’s pretty obvious which outranks the other in your mind,
Despite all the church’s, synagogues’ and mosques we see everywhere along with religious events,
This country has one god and only one God and that God is called government.
Jesus taught none violence and told you to love your neighbour,
but the State encourages you to vote for people who will use the violent behaviour,–
Of government to butt into every aspect of everyone else’s life,
Now ask yourself – Which is your belief?.
To those about to stone a woman by whom adultery had been committed,
Jesus said ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’ to be permitted,
but the State says it’s perfectly fine to lock someone up if they do something which you find distasteful,
Such as prostitution or smoking a herb, which do you believe? Do you not find this disgraceful?
The Christian God says ‘Thou shall not covet’,
But coveting is the life-blood of the beast that is the State,
You were taught to hate, despise and resent anyone who has what you don’t have,
While you clamour for the State to tare other people down on your behalf,
To steal their property and give it to you– and you call that fair,
The Bible calls it coveting and stealing– which is exactly what it is when all is laid bare,
You are not Christians, you are not Jews, you are not Muslims and you certainly aren’t Atheists,
You all have the same God and its name is government whose evils you nonchalantly dismiss,
You all support the most evil insane destructive cult in history,
If there ever was a devil the State is it– manipulating society.
Giving it worship with all your heart and soul,
You pray to it to solve your problems, to satisfy all your needs, to smite your enemies while showering you with blessings to make you feel whole.
You worship what Nietzsche called ‘the coldest of all cold monsters’ and you hate those of us who don’t,
You hang out on every word they say while demonizing those who won’t
To you the greatest sin is disobeying God– ‘breaking the law’ is the term,
Blindly believing ALL the laws are just, with an unquestioning acceptance that makes me squirm,
Why should anyone have any moral obligation to obey the arbitrary commands?
Of the corrupt lying delusional megalomaniacs who infest this world with authoritarian demands,
Everywhere you turn be it the State or the church, the media or the schools, you are taught one thing above all,
The virtue of subjugating yourselves to mortals who claim to have the right to rule you,– and worship them with applause,
It is sickening the reverence in which you speak of the liars and thieves,
Who even when their boots are planted firmly on your necks you continue to trust and believe,
You call the politicians and the judges ‘honourable’ and you swoon at the magnificence you find,
In the grandiose halls they inhabit and the temples they build to celebrate their domination over mankind,
You feel pride at being able to say you once shook a prime ministers hand or saw some royalty in person,
For a day rubbing shoulders with those who run things from behind the curtain,
ah yes, the grand deity herself, her royal highness the queen of England, you speak the title as if you’re referring to God Almighty,
With a mindset no different to the peasants of old with just a different vocabulary,
Who bowed low faces in the dirt with a feeling of unworthiness and humility, as slaves who tended the pasture,
When in the presence of whatever tyrant had declared himself to be their rightful lord and master,
The truth of the matter back then and today, is that these parasites who call themselves leaders,
Are not superior beings, they’re not great men and women, they’re not honourable, they’re not even average, they ARE serial liars and cheaters….
Sophisticated geniuses, artists and entrepeneurs to illiterate day labourers doing the most menial tasks you can imagine,
Are the real people that deserve you respect because they earn an honest living,
Those people you treat with courtesy and civility,
NOT the frauds who claim the right to rule you and demand your subservience and that you behave obediently,
For these people deserve only your contempt and scorn,
And are not things on which your faith and obedience should blindly be sworn,
Those who seek so-called high office are the lowest of the low and are the least among us,
They may dress better have larger vocabularies and do a better job of planning out and executing their schemes, is this why they earn your trust?
How are they any better than pickpockets, carr-jackers, muggers or thieves?
In fact why are they not worse? because they don’t want to rob of just your possessions, they want to rob you of your very humanity, and programme your beliefs,
Deprive you of your free will by slowly leeching away your ability,
To think, to judge, to act, reducing you to slaves in both body and mind, and convince you you are free
Yet with your Stockholm syndrome you still insist on calling them masters and leaders,
Masters and Leaders?, Where is it you think you are going that requires you to have either?,
If you just live your own life and mind your own damn business,
Exercising your own talents, pursuing your own dreams and not being a societal menace,
How the hell on this earth can you justify the need?
To give away your power to psychopaths and let them lead….
Do you ever actually stop to think about the oxymoronic words that you hear and use repeatedly?,
Such as ‘leader of the free world’, or we live in a ‘free country’,
And even supposing that there’s some giant battle or some huge journey people were taking together,
That everyone in the entire world is undertaking that would require a leader,
Why would you ever think even for a moment that the crooks that infest this world,
Are the sort of people you should listen to or emulate or follow anywhere that is just absurd,
Within your mostly dormant brains you know full well that politicians and bankers are all corrupt liars and thieves,
Opportunistic conmen, exploiters and fear-mongers with excuses galore stored up their sleeves,
Despite all this you still speak as though YOU are the ones who are the stupid vicious animals,
Believing politicians are the great wise role models, teachers and leaders, without whom civilisation could not exist, and stops US being cannibals,
You carry the absurd notion that these crooks are the ones that make civilisation possible?
Just because they are good at performing some pseudo religious rituals.
Deciding how to control you this week, yet you still call it law,
As you blindly accept these dictates with unquestioning awe,
And continue to treat their arbitrary demands as if they were moral decrees God above,
That no decent person would ever consider disobeying so blinkered is your love,
You have become so thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult of state worship with a sickening lust,
That you are truly shocked when the occasional sane person states the obvious,
Just because the political crooks wrote something down and declared their threats to be lawful & bindng,
Does not mean that any human being anywhere has the slightest moral duty to obey or be dutifully obliging,
In every moment of every day in every location and every situation,
Doing what YOU deem to be right is your only moral obligation,
Not what some pompous delusional etonite windbag says is legal having been schooled in a lodge,
Which requires you to first determine right and wrong for yourself, a responsibility most spend much time and effort trying to dodge.
You proclaim how proud you are to be law-abiding citizens and express your utter contemptment,
For anyone who questions your so-called ‘laws’ made by thieves by showing them resentment.
The word crime once meant ‘an act harmful to another person’ leading to harm and loss,
Now it means ‘disobedience to anyone of the myriad of arbitrary commands coming from a parasitical criminal class’,
You glorify this criminal political class as law-makers,
And believe that no one is lower than a law-breakers,
Likewise you speak with pious reverence of law-enforcers,
Who forcibly impose the politicians every whim on the rest of us.
When they State uses violence you imagine it to be inherently righteous and just,
and anyone who resists, are in your eyes, contemptible low lives, lawless terrorist for who punishment is a must,
Like the lawless terrorist criminals who helped slaves escape the plantation,
Like the lawless terrorist criminals who helped Jews escape the killing machine that was the german nation,
Like the lawless terrorist criminals who were crushed to death under the tanks of the Red Chinese government in Tiananmen Square,
Like all the lawless terrorist criminals in history who had the courage to disobey the tyrants, a bravery you can’t compare,
Oppressors who rename their violence and call it ‘law’ and ‘authority’,
In the form of political parties, prime minsister, presidents and of course even ‘royalty’,
Everything you think you know is backwards, upside down and inside out,
But what takes the piss and I say this without any doubt,
In your insanity, is that fact that you view as violent terrorists,
The only people who oppose the initiation of violence against their fellow man –Anarchists,
Who use violence only to defend themselves,
Against someone who initiates violence against them, and nothing else.
Meanwhile your belief system is completely schizophrenic and self-contradicting,
With what you say and do constantly conflicting,
On the one hand you teach that violence is never the answer to the young slaves,
Yet out of the side of your mouth the force of government is something you advocate.
That everyone and everything everywhere and at all times be controlled, monitored, taxed and regulated,
And not only should they be adhered too, they should even be celebrated,
In short, you are teaching your children that the masters may use violence whenever they wish,
And that the slaves should just accept it and never resist,
By brainwashing your children into a life of unthinking helpless subservience and disempowerment,
You are putting the chains around their little necks, Creating ‘chattel’ for government,
Out of one side of your mouths you condemn the evils of Socialist and Fascists,
Lament the injustices of the regimes of Mao, Hitler and Stalin,
While out of the other side of your mouths you preach exactly what they did – in exactly the say way they would,
The subjugation of every individual to that evil insanity that wears the deceptive label ‘the common good’.
You babble on and on about diversity and open-mindedness,
Then beg your masters to regulate and control every aspect of everyone’s lives, creating a giant herd of unthinking conformist,
You wear different clothes and have different hairstyles and you think that makes you different,
While imagining yourselves to be progressive, thinking and enlightened,
Yet all your minds are enslaved to the same club of masters and control,
You think what they tell you to think and blindly do what you are told,
From your position of relative comfort and safety you now condemn the evils of other lands and other times,
While turning a blind eye to the injustices happening right in front of you, genuine real crimes,
You tell yourself that had you lived in those other times, in another places,
You would of stood up against oppression and defended the down-trodden from the tyrannical disgraces.
But that is merely a lie that you have deluded yourself into believing,
Truth is you would have been right there with the rest of the flock of well trained sheep, loudly demanding,
That the slaves be beaten, that the witches be burned, that the non-conformists and rebels be destroyed,
While feeling no remorse or wrong and in fact even feeling overjoyed,
Because that is exactly what you are doing with today’s injustices and oppressions which are fashionable and popular,
While justifying your leaders and medias words to pick on foreigners,
Those who resist them, you tell yourselves, are just malcontents and freaks,
People whose rights don’t matter– who deserve to be crushed under the boot of authoritarian creeps,
Isnt That Right?…You bunch of spineless unthinking hypocrites!…. Look in the mirror
Take a look at what you imagine to be righteous and kind – and it couldn’t be clearer,
You are the devils plaything, if only you could realise this truth,
The crowds of thousands wildly applauding the speeches of Adolf Hitler – that was YOU,
The mob demanding that Jesus Christ be nailed to the cross – that was You too,
The white invaders who celebrated the whole-sale slaughter of those ‘Godless Redskins’ – you also allowed that,
Amongst the throngs filling the Coliseum applauding as Christians were fed to the lions – you would of felt relaxed,
Throughout history the perpetual suffering and injustice occurring on an incomprehensible scale,
It was all because of people JUST LIKE YOU and YOUR leaders that you heil,
The well-trained thoroughly indoctrinated conformists, the people who do as they’re told,
Who proudly bow to their masters lacking the bravery to be bold,
Who follow the crowd believing what everyone else believes is true,
And thinking whatever authority tells them to think, that is YOU.
And your ignorance is not because the truth is not available to you, there’s been radicals preaching it for thousands of years,
no you are ignorant because you shun the truth with all your heart and soul, you close your eyes and cover your ears,
run away when a hint of reality lands in front of you condeming as extremists and fringe,
those who try to show you the chains you wear because you don’t want to be free and even being human makes you cringe…
Responsibility and reality scare the hell out of you so you cling tightly to your own enslavement,
and lash out at any who seeks to free you from it when someone opens the door to your cage you cower back in the corner and yell “Close it. Close it”, preferring your containment,
All you ever do is spout back what your masters have taught you, that being free only leads to chaos and destruction,
While being obedient and subservient leads to peace, prosperity and construction,
There are none so blind as those who will not see, and you
you nation of sheep, would rather die than see the truth.


Natural Law By Mark Passio In Rhyme Part 1

OK this one has been pulled together as a review of Mark Passios fantastic Natural Law Seminar, the full seminar is 7 hours long, the little prose below is an Odic summary of the first 40 minutes with more to come in the near future. I urge everyone to find the time to look into some of Marks work, especially on the New Age Movement and check out his website.

Do you like to be taught? Are you easy to teach?,
Is your ability to learn open, to the ways that others preach?
Well this can only be determined by the state of YOUR mind,
How much it is open or closed, and how its balance is inclined.
Low teachability is born out of arrogance, rigid scepticism but also from the gullible and naïve,
Who often rush too quick to blindly believe,
While high teachability is dependant on an open minded willingness to learn and constantly evolve,
Balanced with a healthy scepticism, that gets bullshit dissolved.
Holding an idea in your mind that you don’t have to immediately accept,
While at the same time realising it would be stupid to immediately reject.
Somewhat sceptically, somewhat trustingly is the balance to keep,
To avoid becoming a cynic, to avoid becoming a sheep.
Considering with great care where you source your information,
Entertain the possibility it is loaded with bias confirmation.
By refusing to present certain details to keep people FULLY in the know,
And pressuring individuals to dismiss certain information from the information flow,
Nefarious institutions seek to control what humans perceive,
Putting limits on what people come to understand, while suppressing new ideas that are conceived.

You SAY you want certain conditions for YOURself and the whole of humanity,
Such as happiness, health, peace, freedom as well as prosperity,
However requirements exist for YOU to help obtain these conditions,
Absense of which prevents progress, while creating obstructive restrictions,
For these conditions do NOT just appear from thin air,
Rhetoric and thought alone WILL NOT make them appear.
This is about understanding the REAL law of attraction,
And NOT the deceptive one that encourages inaction,
NOT the new age BULLSHIT insisting that thoughts and feelings are all that you require,
To help bring about these conditions you say you desire,
So what are these requirements I hear you say?
Well the key lies in knowledge, and the quality obtained.
So since we don’t HAVE the human species existing the way that we say we wish,
Then that means one of two things has happened to the knowledge,
It is EITHER absent, OR if present being wilfully rejected,
For as long as it remains in either of these states, the conditions YOU desire will remain unmanifested
Occulted knowledge increases as you move up through the societal classes,
Purposely hidden to maintain the ignorance of the masses.
Deriving from the latin verb ‘occultare,’ simply meaning to keep secret, to hide or to conceal,
That realised through real eyes soon starts to reveal.
Knowledge of NATURAL LAW is whats being occulted and kept back,
Preventing humanity from a benevolent track,
Along with knowledge of human consciousness and how it functions,
The unseen universal spiritual laws by which the consequences of human behaviour are governed.
The macrocosm and the microcosm are other names by which they are inferred,
As above so below is more commonly referred.
So why is this knowledge hidden, keeping humanity back from its full potential?
It is being done deliberately to create and maintain an unbalanced power differential.
Between those who hold the relevant information,
And those who are ignorant, lacking the ability of deep contemplation.
The knowledge of natural law and how it operates constitutes the most deeply occulted information on the earth,
The powers that be keeping it hidden from the masses of people, while maintaining the illusion of their higher worth,
Because its realisation would bring about a level playing field,
Bringing an end to the powerful control systems that wickedly wield.
So how are they able to keep this knowledge secretly held back?
Endless trivialities, nonsense on the news, video games, television and sports are used to deliberately distract…
So why is it in the interests of the powers that be to keep this information hidden at all cost?
It is simply to prevent their dominating powerbase becoming obsolete, and their systems of control becoming lost.
There are 2 main reasons as to why people are in a state of not knowing,
‘Nescience’ or ‘Ignorance’ preventing them growing,
The former being because the information is absent or simply doesn’t exist,
The latter meaning it is known and present but ignored, refused or wilfully dismissed.
Nescience is a state that carries no blame,
Wilful IGNORance is inexcusable for which people should be ashamed.
So ask yourself do we live in a nescient or ignorant society?
The one thats drowning in so much misery, suffering, hate and impropriety,
And when you consider the sheer quantity of information that is flying about,
Ignorance is surely the conclusion, beyond all reasonable doubt,
For in an age when there is an overwhelming amount available at peoples fingertips,
It suggests people are wilfully choosing to not get to grips,
Ignorance the truth is no longer an option,
But an active wilful choice the provides the fuel for corruption,
Content to let evil runaway uncontested,
When they should be screaming for its perpetrators to be arrested,
All to happy to discuss the symptoms of all that is bad and causing people to die,
But never take the time out to pause for a moment and ask that all important question of WHY?
And for as long as this question is avoided we can forget about finding a solution,
To the control systems myriad of ways of endless persecution.