Soulless corporations determined at ANY cost to exploit the gas deposits below,

Insisting there is nothing to worry about and that it is safe and controlled.

Scattering their machinery across vast & beautiful rural landscapes,

Their undeclared primary goal, to meet shareholder mandates.

This process that’s used is known as hydraulic fracturing,

Politicians and lords with vested interest from both the left and right wing.

A process that has been documented to contaminate the water and the air,

With proponents downplaying the negative impact had on various communites healthcare.

Contaminating with highly toxic chemicals, carcinogens and radioactive gases,

Tis no wonder they are prepared to spend billions and tell lies in an attempt to convince the masses.

Governmental support who insists it will help boost the economy,

By making the UK self sufficient in generating energy……

And how do you think a bunch of politicians arrived at this seemingly matter of fact conclusion?

Do you believe it to be impartial and fair without any industrial collusion?

Well meet an UNelected man of the government cabinet whos name is Lord John Browne,

Appointed to be ‘the shale gas adviser’, but what do we know of his background?

41 years working his way up the chemical and petroleum giant known as BP,

He was also a director for Goldmann Sachs, another giant  but from the banking industry.

Currently he is the chairman of britains only fracking company called cuadrilla resources,

A company without morals and completely remorseless.

Already responsible for 2 tremors near Blackpool that occurred on the Fylde,

Responsibility for which they catergorically denied.

And when they finally admitted that their responsibility was beyond doubt,

Lies, misinformation and propaganda they continued to spout.

Fracking has been happening for more than half a century is a partial truth that is told,

The ‘appeal to common practice’ fallacy in another attempt to get their evil sold.

For when they make these claims about what they have been doing to the land,

They always fail to mention the ONLY chemicals used initially were water and sand.

That in recent times a mix of 200 different chemicals has been added to the cocktail,

90% of which a study found they registered on the toxicity scale.

The one most commonly used is called methanol,

Causing extensive damage to the nervous system once its taken its toll.

Ethylene glycol is another poison of epic proportion,

A reproductive toxin that can lead to spontaneous abortion.

Frack fluid makers are not required to divulge the exact contents of what they produce,

Citing commercial reasons as a justifiable excuse…..

So when governments say they know what these companies are using,

I would give them a test to make sure they aint been boozing.

Because even the companies doing the fracking are unable to make that claim,

The only thing they know of these products is nothing more than their name.

Neither the governments or the people using the chemicals knows exactly whats in them,

Meaning their guarantees of safety should be ignored and utterly condemned.

Carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and irritants are whats injected into the earth,

40% of which remains there indefinitely having exhausted all of its worth.

What then happens to this 40% is really anyones guess you know,

Not knowing what happens to it next or exactly where it goes.

Apologists for the industry will say ‘yeah but the fluid is water rich’,

But this is yet another misleading repeated sales pitch.

This is a bit like saying rat poison is safe by claiming it is rich in sugars,

Claims that wreak of fallacies made by extremely desperate buggers.

The water content of these mixes is in the region of 95%,

Now lets put this into perspective to see the volume of chemicals spent.

For every frack job that uses a million gallons of water,

Thats 50,000 gallons of toxins with the ability to slaughter.

Being pumped into the Geology with no way of determining where it ends up,

Taking years to find its way into aquifers causing the water quality to become corrupt.

This is assault on our health, wellbeing,  property values and on our homes,

As well as our shared environment and natures biomes.

Communities are being destroyed by an industry that could not care less….

If you care for your childrens future you  would get truly informed and help end this mess…….

One thought on “Fracking

  1. Thank you. I have learned a lot form your poem and it saddens me. Don’t these idiots have children and grandchildren too or do they despise them secretly (or openly) in favour of more money for infinitely more “stuff”?
    Their biggest ignorance seems to be their belief that they won’t be drinking this water themselves. Or, is it bottled Evian all round at their houses because the French are sane enough to ban fracking?
    Ultimately, even minions can’t work if they are poisoned. Why do they not ask who will stoke their money machine when we are all crippled or dead?
    Their plan is so short sighted I fear their heads are so lost that they are operating through the view from their large intestines. Can’t we make them into sausage meat and feed them to the dogs?
    Best wishes for some sanity to prevail with enough pressure from us – the common sense brigade.

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