Fluoride Truths

Strong, healthy teeth is constantly repeated as a bait,

A reduction in dental bills an additional sweetener on the plate.

Offered as inducements to seduce vast communities,

Into believing they have been chosen to be privileged beneficiaries.

It is also promoted for many other tooth related uses,

Tooth decay, tooth decay they claim it reduces.

However even the promoters are scaling down the benefits that they claim,

Fluorosis a confirmed side effect and that their poison is to blame.

For every study repeating the same rhetoric of old,

Insisting cavity reduction as to why it should be sold.

There are equally reputable studies that carry just as much weight,

Showing it has little or no effect on the cavity rate.

Even mainstream peer-reviewed medical journals and government reports,

Are exposing its pushers to be guilty of torts.

Documenting the serious harms of just a little exposure,

Fearing the litigious implications of a complete and honest disclosure.

Intellectual impairment, cancer and hip fractures to name just a few,

And be sure it ain’t just these that it is limited too.

There is evidence to suggest both individual and institutional fluoride promoters,

Are working on behalf of powerful and influential societal controllers.

Manipulating experimental results and suppressing evidence that doesn’t fit their aims,

Victimising and smearing those who question their claims.

When old ways and knowledge is found to be based on false premises, incompetenece and bias,

It is important to re-examine the old claims to ensure they wasn’t conducted by liars.

To take into account the growing body of new research,

Rather than blindly believing the outdated dictates of the scientific church.

That show its benefits be equivocal at best,

And even when that occurs you tend to find vested interest.

And at worse it shows itself to be completely opposite to the truth,

This is chemical wastage were talking that they want to dump on our youth.

Fluoride promotion often proceeds with no understanding of the scientific method,

Protecting the interests of the financially invested.

The risk and the benefits switched from science to politics right at the start,

Just after the war by men who were deceptively smart.

The most important study in recent times that the US Congress-mandated,

Was on a suspected connection between cancer and areas that were fluoridated.

Subjected to a series of Public Health Service review stages,

That led to the original laboratory results to be successfully downgraded.

The original study from  independent laboratories,

Declared equivocal and largely ignored by elected authorities.

The proven association of fluoride  with increased hip fractures and reduced bone quality is denied or downplayed,

Avoiding new lines of investigation with an open mind that should be independaently  made.

Medical ethics, morality, economics, legal and political issues are what its all about,

Its promoters taking advantage of the confusion to pray on peoples doubt.

The issue has even been declared a legislative issue that needs to be resolved,

Rather than one for the courts where ethics and reasonableness would come into the fold.

So who are truly gains from this toxic by-product waste?

Who’s destructive effects can be scientifically traced….

Who are truly the main beneficiaries?

Nothing other than extremely profitable pharmaceutical and chemical industries!


One thought on “Fluoride Truths

  1. Glad to see that you are helping in spreading the truth about fluoride! The more people know about it and get active in stopping this poisoning of the people….then perhaps we’ll have a fighting chance to finally get rid of it from all communities across North America!


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