Souls Journey – The Fool (Tarot) – Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz – in rhyme


It begins and ends with the young man on a quest,
With his packed bag on his stick and no time to rest,
With a flower in his hand and his dog in toe,
The journey is perpetual with many places to go,
The flower symbolising the purity of soul at the journeys beginning,
Showing he didn’t arrive as a homocidal murderer or hellbent on sinning,
With the environment he is born into responsible for condtioning,
Moulding his mindset and programming his thinking,
While the dog symbolizes the forces of nature that guide the journey of the soul,
Representing intuition and the human imagination that helps the path unfold.
Through all of the plains, Material, Mental, Emotional and Will,
Starting off with naivety while lacking any skill,
Journey from NO-thing or from the cosmic egg represented by the zero,
Carries very little with him and have very little to show,
Representing infinity, the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning,
The unified field and source of consciousness through which he is travelling,
Lacking experience but this is NOT a negative connotation,
Just indicates the journey is needed to obtain self realization,
His lack of material possessions which on one hand you can count,
Indicates we take very little into other lives but there are some small amounts,
With very little ‘human’ nature when we make our earthly arrival,
As dependency on others is needed to ensure our initial survival,
Most arriving lacking certain innate qualities,
While from other carnations few are held over some of their previous capabilites,
But whether or not we start each new journey with a tool,
The journey into the self ALWAYS begins and ends with the FOOL

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