The Banking and Mortgage Fraud Debt Slavery System Exposed

Have you ever considered why the world is in so much debt?

Are you truly aware of its destructive  effect?

Have you ever considered who the debt is owed too?

Making people homeless when it becomes over due?

Quite simply debt, is the kings of all scams,

Turning countries and people into debt slave lambs,

For the money banks loan is created out of thin air,

Your sweat, equity and labour, they want to ensnare

To the banks people go when they want to buy their home,

In the hope that they provide a huge big cash loan,

For people believe the banks have something physical spare,

The contract exchange is righteous, equitable and fair.

Your shelter? your security? you put on the line,

Intention to pay what you believe someone has loaned is what you sign,

But up to that moment there is something you don’t know,

You need to be aware of and help us all expose.

Before  you gave that final stroke of the wrist.

The money was nowhere, it did not exist?

For at that moment digits were typed onto a screen,

WHOOMPH out of nowhere, now they can be visibly seen.

And there it is, your promise to pay,

25 years you will now have to slave away,

But if disaster strikes and you cannot fulfil your obligation,

The banks hired thugs will target your home for complete confiscation.

But what if I told you the bank had already been paid?

Many times over, would you feel you have been played?

For the piece of paper you signed created the bank an asset,

Which they bundled together with others into an investable packet.

Securities they were called, and millions were sold

Traded on the markets, by the rich and the cold,

Many  times over your bank has been paid

While you become another member of the homeless brigade

The digits on the screen are also fully insured,

Upto 80% of the of the value on is fully secured,

Then they sell of your house at a prized auction,

Parasatic leeches feeding and lusting on your tragic misfortune.

So it is always in their interests for you not be able to pay back

So they could deliver you a brutal life destroying smack

All for the sake of tapping a few computer keys,

Your life is in tatters and your down on your knees.

And do you really think that all this is fair?

I mean who has the right to create anything out of thin air?

Who the fuck thinks they have the god given right?

To keep us debt slaves, morning and night.

Well people are beginning to stand and fight back,

Defending each others properties from bailiff attacks,

Standing against the footsoldiers of the corporate elite,

Lovingly and peacabally down on the street,

Because in 2014 no body should be thrust onto the street……

Peace Out


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